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Gates of Heaven here on Earth

What happens when we enter through the gates of heaven? An insatiable sense of peace and joy overcomes our entire being. Every particle of us the soul glimmers with intense glittery and shimmering light. We are home, we are home repeats over and over!!

Clouds of congestion from our Earthly incarnation transmute into the highest frequency of light. Darkness is only the absence of light, light is all there is. Light heals, light brings joy and happiness. Light is what we are.

We are greeted by family, friends and beings of light. Saluted and held in the highest of regards for braving a life long earthling incarnation. Reassured that what we accomplished in all aspects is cheered for.

Remember that we are not human, we are the soul having a human experience. Until we separate the two we can understand an appreciate that we can do no wrong. Any faults or weaknesses are looked upon as learning and growth opportunities that we the soul crave in order to spiritually progress.

Did you know that heaven is here on earth right now? We have the choice to acknowledge the gates of heaven as being present within us at all times. Access and walk through these gates without fears, for you are loved always.




Take a hike FEAR!

Take a hike FEAR!

Did someone say Fear? That nasty “F” word that makes us cringe. Well guess what? FEAR is conquerable and manageable. We aren’t implying that one should not “feel” fear, I mean that’s part of being human, we are able to feel, touch, smell, hear and see. Often more than we need to.

FEAR is not an illusion but it is some “thing” that with the whip of the mental faculties muscle be put in its place. The question is how? When we apply for a job, walk up on-stage or choose to accompany our partner to see a scary movie the emotions we experienced are laced with fear.

We “feel” this fear but we are not the fear. I know, I know you’ve heard this statement before, so if the statement is to be true why are you experiencing fear and the pain that comes with it? Because we forget the simple principle that we are meant to only feel not become the fear causing emotions. That’s right we allow this naughty fear to cripple our lives.

There is no such thing as “he caused me to have fear”. Pay close attention to the previous sentence, the key word is “have”. In the sentence it implies that we accepted the gift of fear. I don’t know about you but I do not accept anything that isn’t in my highest good.

Daily people or events try to gift us in many ways. Good morning would you like a cup of fear with a side of stress? You can choose not to receive this offering by utilizing the power of the mind. Send this order back on the spot.

“I do not accept any fear in my life, any and all fear that hinders my growth is instructed to leave my energy field Now! Now! Now!”

As my 9 year old son put it: Clouds are the fear, rain are the tears and the wind is the breath of fresh air.


What make you Tick during the Full moon?

Many are all too familiar with the stories of men turning into big bad cold-hearted wolves during a Full Moon. These tales that rise from the depths of our imagination are true, except for the part we turn int a wolf. Two weeks prior and roughly 1-week after a Full Moon many of earths population seem to transmute into emotionless humans.

Have you noticed you sweet neighbor suddenly acting out of character? Or your sweetie pie showing no verbal mercy? And wait! What about us?  We are also affected by the power of the big, beautiful and round Full moon, we are human right?

We suddenly seem intolerable to the smallest of things, everything bugs us. It’s like a Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dance off. We to some degree attempt to shovel these feelings back into the catacombs from where they originated. But do ask yourself how can we put the lava, rock and fumes back into an erupting volcano? We can’t!

The Full Moons energy is like the The Hubble space telescope, amplifying and magnifying what’s deeply embedded and in need of resolution. Instead of fighting try to acknowledge these bubbling emotions. Remember that most of earths population is feeling what you are feeling. That doesn’t give us the right to emotionally vomit on one another rather it provides us with an open window to release the minions within. I want to hear from you! What make you Tick during the Full moon?