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Gates of Heaven here on Earth

What happens when we enter through the gates of heaven? An insatiable sense of peace and joy overcomes our entire being. Every particle of us the soul glimmers with intense glittery and shimmering light. We are home, we are home repeats over and over!!

Clouds of congestion from our Earthly incarnation transmute into the highest frequency of light. Darkness is only the absence of light, light is all there is. Light heals, light brings joy and happiness. Light is what we are.

We are greeted by family, friends and beings of light. Saluted and held in the highest of regards for braving a life long earthling incarnation. Reassured that what we accomplished in all aspects is cheered for.

Remember that we are not human, we are the soul having a human experience. Until we separate the two we can understand an appreciate that we can do no wrong. Any faults or weaknesses are looked upon as learning and growth opportunities that we the soul crave in order to spiritually progress.

Did you know that heaven is here on earth right now? We have the choice to acknowledge the gates of heaven as being present within us at all times. Access and walk through these gates without fears, for you are loved always.